24 May 2009

Netanyahu says settlements can expand

A monologue in a synagogue...

- Nice one, Bibi! Of course they can... It's "natural"... grose!
- Yes, sickening. But you have to make sure Zionism will not be "threatened" by such silly chatter...
- Well, of course, it goes without saying. Take all the time you need to analyse the "terminology"...
- In the meantime, get all our friends in the "international community", not those bastards at the UN, to have a go at North Korea! Those backward commies should never have been allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, like we have over here.
- Of course there is a difference: you're running a "democracy", have you forgotten?
- What? You think we have no leg to stand on and it might not be such a good idea?
- Why not try a preemptive strike, then? Just for a laugh, you know!

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