26 Aug 2009

The bankrupt "American Dream"

What is the Fed's money printing press doing, in that case? Relying on the "chinks" not to call in their "chips"? Seems a fair bet. After all, it wouldn't be worth their while to answer this $1.4 trillion question... Trying to "preserve the value of China's US dollar holdings" seems, of course, a far cleverer option. "Without China's billion dollars a day, the United States could not keep its economy stable or spare the dollar from collapse." http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200801/fallows-chinese-dollars.

22 Aug 2009

Yet more "commendable" deeds from the CIA's Busheviks

And when you think how many idiots in Romania and other such peripheral places treasure their CIA, FBI or KKK number plates...

Talking of which, I saw the other day a black BMW sporting a more appropriate one B-[..]-ASS

20 Aug 2009

Cheney, the Bushevik, 'ordered CIA to hide plan'

To be the biggest democracy on the face of the Earth you have to use taxpayer's money to pay some mindless thugs to act as cannon fodder for your Central "Intelligence" Agency's dirty, private wars! No wonder the people of Falluja thought the same thing, back in 2004...

Meanwhile, the US administration is "transparently" delaying the publication of its Terror Report http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8160297.stm

17 Aug 2009

The New "liberal" Mesiah, the Great Obama, gives his adoring Mass of Maneuver even more "Choice" & "Competition"

Hail the "American Dream", acording to which there's ever more "choice" and "competition" to those 46 million uninsured and 25 million underinsured... There's no need to worry as the corporate propaganda machine tells us that we're coming out of recession!...

Forget the multi-trillions "debt trifle" we've loaded onto our grand-grandchildren's future! Life's short! Let's all go out and enjoy ourselves!

14 Aug 2009

FaKebook, Twitting-Twatter & plenty of Shiny-Happy Newspeak

Faced with this enormous peer pressure to conform, to look the part - youthful, care-free, easy-going, in short, a pal, a buddy, the "matey" of all "friends' networks" - and frightened to death by... death, solitude, knee-jerk accusations of being a "communist" nostalgic or worse, a virulent "anti-semite", I caved in and signed up to both these so-called "social utilities"-come-newspeak-shibboleths...

I am now the not-so-proud part of this Big Brother recipe for social networking, staring into the abis of this painfully stupid American invitation to make a fool of myself, when it asks: What's on your mind?

Well, to my mind, in case you were wondering, Peter Goss has a point [see http://techradar.com/news/internet/twitter-s-suggested-follows-draw-criticism-532847].

No wonder even the supposedly high-tech American army banned it; most if not all of my PhD (candidate) colleagues are using it too... same as their high school peers, during admitedly equally boring classes http://ajcann.posterous.com/criticism-about-using-twitter-in-the-classroom

Almost forgot. In case anyone is unfamiliar with the meaning of "twatter", try http://www.sex-lexis.com/Sex-Dictionary/twatter


7 Aug 2009

Pakistani Taliban leader not quite dead yet

Now, this piece of "news" about the sharp-shooting Gameboy coward who pressed the button is supposed to be different from the actions of a suicide bomber, isn't it? And then you wonder why is it that the clash of civilizations theory actually makes sense...

Turns out this was just another piece of wishful thinking from the "superheroes"... Also, check out the intellectual stuff blurted by that Robert Gibbs fellow... Doesn't seem to enjoy the egg on his face does he? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8191105.stm

6 Aug 2009

Israel's violations of children's rights

While Israel's murderous intolerance and persecution of Palestinians in the occupied territories makes most people (who don't choose to look elsewhere i.e. exhibiting what Irving Goffman refers to as "civil inattention", or even outright "indifference") shudder, it does not mean to say that Hamas' Holocaust denial or its firing of rockets in the Gaza strip can necessarily be seen as justifiable self-defence... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8187446.stm