5 May 2010

An Open Letter… or just another “rant” at the “Naked Emperor’s Tailors”

There is not one of you real or virtual friends, members of the ipod generations or survivors of the demised civil society, who’d fail to describe themselves as “decent human beings”.

Yet, the worrying ease with which you censure problematic issues from your agendas, enabling this most selfish focus on materialistic goals, ultimately false needs and wants and/or your local news and neighbourhoods is the real cause of concern, almost as grave and irreversible as global warming is to our common future.

I am aware that Zuckerberg’s Egg-on-your-Face…Book discursive drivel is but one in a long list of perception management schemata involving all sorts of deception psy-ops, infotainment, subliminal messages and various revisionist projections of history, including the oft’ mentioned strain of Post (“communist nostalgic”) Traumatic Stress Disorder, which the tax-dodging “transition winners” claim to be affecting all non-believers in their anti-communist religion.

Yet, despite its patent failure at being the ideal platform to undermine fast capitalism’s ills, I cannot but remain shell-shocked at the almost total lack of response to fellow humans’ suffering right next to you.

Sometimes, this pervasive self-censorship seems to me like I’ve been thrown back in time… Yet, even twenty years ago, I seem to remember at least a form of muted, passive resistance, made up of risky political jokes and songs, timid artistic counter-narratives etc.

It’s not that the information is currently unavailable. Even the most basic search-engines can give you a markedly different version to the revisionist history you’ve been imbued with. Take the Cold War, for instance, and you’ll be amazed how little “freedom” was actually available in “the land of the free” during that time… Or, take the countless number of postings I’ve made on the Zionist apartheid in the land of “God’s” “chosen people”. You simply cannot be bothered if the Emperor’s a nudist or a Buddhist. You couldn’t give a toss that your children’s play areas are being replaced with churches, or even that some of its priests are abusing other people’s children. Not even the killing of students by American troops on American soil, albeit four decades ago, raised an eyebrow.

It seems those subliminal messages saying “Get rich now or die trying!” have succeeded in the end. “Keep(ing) young and beautiful” (Annie Lennox) seems a far better proposition nowadays than any pathetic call to the barricades. Be cool… and sleep tight!

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