15 Jul 2009

More on the Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

At least twentyfive Israeli soldiers have now given evidence showing that war crimes were committed in Gaza, during its January offensive. Yet, Israel is a nuclear power whose regional military supremacy, international undue influence and US unwavering support ensures that the eventuality of there ever being a single Israeli general or politician indicted for these crimes remains highly unlikely. Instead, it will continue to ignore calls for an end to its illegal annexation of Palestinian territories while pretending that all such supposedly "anonymous claims" are but mere instances of "anti-semitism"!http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/bsp/hi/pdfs/14_07_09_breaking_the_silence.pdf

14 Jul 2009

Good Ol' Goldman Scavenging Sachs

Crisis? What crisis? My word, don't you just love the "compensation" euphemism? "Compensation" for what? For being a selfish, greedy bastard? No wonder they've turned the police state into their own private bodyguard! When one billion people are starving it must be high time to start redefining the notion of civic duty... it should mean getting these necrophagous "entrepreneurs", "investors" etc. flaunting their unduly acquired wealth caged in Green Zones all over the world!

13 Jul 2009

About "mind boggling numbers" and the bankrupt "American Dream"

Even if in the English-speaking world a "trillion" is supposed to mean only one million million rather than one million million million, at the end of the day it is all about the same old "debt slavery" trifle that our children's children would still be paying off before our children's grandchildren would be coming of age to realise that the "American Dream" has been the biggest and most deceitful Ponzi trickery ever!