5 Jan 2009

Free Palestine now!

Enough is enough! This relentless and murderous aggression must be stopped now! Whether "chosen" or merely self-appointed representatives of some orthodox religious dogma NOBODY can justify, in this day and age, the collective punishment of 1,5 million people – caged in the land that was taken from them in 1948 – ignoring the rest of the world's timid and politically correct protests simply because their undeclared nuclear weapons and unquestionable protection offered by the most powerful cowboy in the world, wilfully aiding and abetting these indiscriminate killings, afords them to do so! If there was ever any need to be more specific, it is the very same cowboy that repudiated the Kyoto Agreement, that is eager to tear up the ballistic missile agreements, that shuns the International Criminal Court and the Geneva Conventions in its so-called War on Terror, that makes a mockery of the most basic human rights at Guantánamo and still has the nerve to claim it is the biggest democracy in the world... SHAME on all those who keep quiet because they think it is not their problem or because they are too affraid to say anything that would attract knee-jerk accusations of antisemitism – the only accusation where you are a priori guilty as charged and forced to prove your innocence! Is this http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7828577.stm your problem or not?

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